Artsybashev Keratoconus Center

Ambulatory Ophthalmology Center established by Academician Sergey Artsybashev for his highly specialized surgical solution for keratoconus stage I - IV.

The Keratoconus Center was formed on the basis of Artsybashev Ophthalmology Clinic, which was established in Budapest in 1994 and has more than twenty years of experience treating keratoconus patients from around the world.

Treatment of keratoconus is carried out in the following sequence:


1. Examination and Consultation (requires 30 to 60 minutes).

Following a complete ophthalmologic examination Dr. Artsybashev will inform the patient of his findings and discuss possible surgical intervention and prognosis of its results. 


2. Ambulatory diamond surgery by Artsybashev’s keratoconus method (requires 2 to 3 minutes per eye).

If both eyes are treated the second eye is operated on the following day.

  • Day 1: surgery is completed on first eye and the eye is bandaged for protection;
  • Day 2: bandage is removed for check-up before the second eye is operated;                            
  • Day 3: remove the bandage from the second operated eye, check-up and statement.

Our patients receive electronic results of corneal topography before and after surgery.

3. Follow-up examinations and observation of the patient during the rehabilitation period.

Dr. Artsybashev conducts follow-up examinations after surgery at intervals of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years if possible.